Congratulations to our new Black Belts!!

This past Saturday, January 12, nine of our deputy belts and two current black belts tested for and attained their first degree black belts and next Dan levels respectively. They are: Maxwell Van Camp, Baxter Bartlett, Beau Hovey, Camden Neeson, Nikki Sepasyar, Shaudeh Farjami, Ethan Strunk, Ryan Hill and Curtis Johnson, who all received their 1st degree black belts. Drew Koesel was  promoted to second degree black belt, an enormous achievement, and Instructor Shaun Hughes, after an exceptionally great testing, was promoted to third degree black belt.

We want to congratulate all of our new black belts on a fantastic job at testing. It was inspiring and motivating to see and I personally could not be more proud. Great Job Everyone!!

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