Seminars with GrandMaster McCarthy

GrandMaster Mark McCarthy (8th Dan) will be conducting two seminars in September at AHTKD. The first seminar will be on Friday evening Sept 4 from 6-9pm. The seminar will cover the original traditional patterns and is open to all black belts. The cost is $60. The second seminar will be on Saturday morning from 9:30-11am. This seminar will cover traditional sparring techniques and strategies. The seminar will be open to all students ages 8 and up. The cost will be $35. The cost to attend both seminars will be $75.

GM McCarthy would like all people attending the seminar on Saturday to choose a favorite technique to break a board for him. He will then autograph the boards as a memento of the seminar and his visit.

This is a fantastic chance to learn and practice with a direct disciple of Taekwon-do’s founder General Choi.

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