4th Keup Blue Belt

Testing for Blue Belt with Red Stripe
Improved All Previous Requirements
Pattern Stances
  • Yul-Gok (38 movements)
  • Meaning: the pseudonym of a great philosopher and scholar Yi I (1536-1584) nicknamed the “Confucius of Korea”. The 38 movements refer to his birthplace on the 38th latitude and the diagram (+/-) represents scholar.
  • Right / Left (Oreun Seogi, Wen Seogi)
  • X-Stance (Koa Seogi)
Breaking Strikes
  • Spinning Hook Kick
    (jumping 25 yrs and younger)
  • Elbow Target Strike
  • Side Punch
Self Defense  Blocks
Defense against a:

  • Roundhouse Kick
  • Side Kick
Hooking Block

Double Forearm Block

Twin Knife Hand Block


Name a stance where you weight is distributed 50/50

  • Ready Stance (Jhoon-Bi Seogi)
  • Attention Stance
  • Horse Riding Stance

What is the weight distribution in the Front Stance?

  • 60 Front / 40 Back

What is the weight distribution in the Back Stance?

  • 70 Back / 30 Front