TKDI Regional & Masters Seminars at AHTKD

We are excited to host the Taekwon-do International Regional and Masters Seminars at Aliso Hills Taekwon-do the weekend of February 5 & 6, 2016. The school will be closed to all regular classes on Friday and Saturday for this special event. Applications to attend are at the front desk. $80 for 1st dans, $100 for 2nd & 3rd dans. Please see Master D for more information.

Friday, February 5th – TKDI REGIONAL SEMINAR for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan Black Belts.
The seminar will start at 5:00pm and conclude around 7:00/8:00pm for all 1st Dan Black Belts, and continue until 10:00pm for all 2nd & 3rd Dan Black Belts.

**Visiting Masters for all over the U.S. will be at our facility. Please be sure to show your respect by bowing to them, giving them a hand shake, make eye contact and with a “Hello, Sir”.**

Saturday, February 6th, TKDI MASTERS SEMINAR for 4th Dan Black Belts and higher.
Seminar begins at 10:00am and will conclude around 6:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

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